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Study Group: DAOn the Rabbit Hole We Go

Hosted by Orbit & 3 others
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We’re hosting themed Study Groups here at Orbit where we will gather on a regular basis to dive in together on topics of interest.

One such Study Group is DAOn the Rabbit Hole We Go. If you’re part of #community Twitter, and you haven’t seen a tweet about Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) - then it’s more than likely you’re living under a rock 😅. 

And that’s OKAY! This is why we’re here. All you need to know is that DAOs are the next big thing in web3 - after NFTs. DAOs are a new way for people to coordinate how they achieve things together. That is, with a set of rules that are enforced on a blockchain.

In this session, Developer Advocate at Magic and Community Manager at Women in Web 3.0 - Maricris Bonzo, will guide you DAOn the DAO rabbit hole so that you can discover the role that you can play in the magical web3 metaverse of DAOs.

Here are a few of the many questions we’ll be answering:

  • What, why, when and how to DAO?

  • What does Governance mean?

  • What is Tokenomics?

  • What are common DAO issues that exists today?

​Study Groups are safe spaces to:

  • ​discuss and explore topics

  • ​ask questions

  • ​pitch in with your views or experience

​We’ll be using Butter & Miro. The session will be recorded. ✌🏻