Cover Image for DAO Night vol.3 -Banklessムーブメントと、OptimismのDAOガバナンス-

DAO Night vol.3 -Banklessムーブメントと、OptimismのDAOガバナンス-

Hosted by Yuki wakiyama & 5 others
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今回のDAO Nightでは、Banklessムーブメントと、OptimismのDAOガバナンスに関するトピックです。


​主催:Bankless Japan


​日程: 9月23日、午後7時から午後9:30まで



​司会:DAO Dude

​18:30 会場オープン

​19:00-19:15 Banklessムーブメントについて
・Bankless Japan : DAO Dude

19:15-20:15 Optimismのガバナンスと使い方について
・Bankless Japan : Yuki

​20:15-21:30 ネットワーキング





​​This event is a gathering of like-minded people interested in DAOs, DeFi, and Web3.

​The topics of this DAO Night are:

​1. The Bankless Movement

​2. Optimism, OP Mainnet (governance participation and usage)

​This is a great opportunity to learn the basics of how to use Optimism!

(A small amount of ETH (around $1) will be distributed to participants so they can follow hands-on instructions to complete transactions on Optimism)

​​Host: Bankless Japan

​​Participation fee: Free

​​Date: Sep 23 7-9:30pm

​​Location: Centrum at Shibuya


​​Time Table

​​18:30 Venue opens

​19:00-19:15 The Bankless movement

・Bankless Japan : DAO Dude

​19:15-20:15 Optimism governance and how to use OP

・Bankless Japan : Yuki

​​20:30-21:30 Networking