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Teaching Singing Techniques to Children

Hosted by Institute for Vocal Advancement
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One of the many myths about teaching singing to children is that it is unsafe to give formal voice lessons or teach any form of vocal technique to young children. Interested and eager pre-pubescent singers are often redirected to other disciplines before starting formal private singing lessons - and yet they will sing regardless! This can lead to the development of misuse and poor vocal habits early on, which can be avoided. Many teachers may not be aware of the unique characteristics of the young singer, as technical concepts for this age group are not typically addressed in formal education training. This workshop will cover the essential structural components of the pre-pubescent vocal mechanism and the unique ways to address the physical and mental aspects of teaching singing techniques to young children, ideal for those who work with children in the music studio, choir, or classroom.

About Dana

After cultivating techniques as a singer, performer, and music educator, Dana Lentini created Born 2 Sing Kids to nurture the development of young singers through a systematic yet customized approach. Through various forms of mentorship, she helps teachers learn about the unique differences in teaching singing to children and how to build their own successful studios. Dana has been sought after as a presenter for the National Association of Teachers of Singing and for universities and professional music organizations. Her consulting and courses on teaching children in the private studio are offered through her website at

Dana's book, Teaching the Child Singer: Pediatric Pedagogy for Ages 5-13, is available from Hal Leonard Publishing. Her new and unique spiral approach to repertoire development can be found in her Kids’ Singing Songbook series, to be released by Hal Leonard in fall 2022.