Memes as Marketing + Twitter Growth with Dagobert Renouf



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On Monday, May 9th at 8am PST/11am EST/4pm UK, I'll be chatting with Dagobert Renouf about how he grew his Twitter following (and his startup,, in the process) to almost 30k followers.

Dagobert publishes a daily startup meme he creates himself and gets tons of engagement each time.

He is also highly interactive with his followers and replies to a lot of other accounts (big and small), adding insightful commentary—not just generic replies.

Dagobert is worth following and learning from if you want to grow your audience on Twitter and other platforms. My plan is to dig out the gold in his head so we can all learn from his success.

We'll get into the specifics of:

  • His overarching Twitter strategy

  • Why he believes memes as a marketing tactic works so well

  • How he comes up with his meme ideas each day

  • How he actually creates and publishes his memes

  • His approach to engaging with accounts—small and big—at scale

  • The tools he uses to manage Twitter as a power user

  • How he's grown his logo design business over the past couple years

  • And a range of other topics!

There will be time for Q&A toward the end and throughout the conversation. The style will be relaxed and informal.

Please attend live if you'd like to ask questions and attend. I will record this webinar but not sure if/when/where I will publish it.

This event is open to the public, so you're welcome and encouraged to bring a friend!

See you there,


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