Cover Image for dAGI House: Online DAY ONE – workshops (Super, Pond, NVIDIA, Seed Club, cyber•Fund)
Cover Image for dAGI House: Online DAY ONE – workshops (Super, Pond, NVIDIA, Seed Club, cyber•Fund)

dAGI House: Online DAY ONE – workshops (Super, Pond, NVIDIA, Seed Club, cyber•Fund)

Hosted by dAGI House & Epic Web3
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The event will be streamed to YouTube. Registered attendees will receive a link to join the stream 1 day before the event.


​8:00 am PDT – Kick-off session about hacking Decentralized AI
by Stepan Gershuni, VC Principal at cyber•Fund (organizer)
& NiMA Asghari, Investor at Seed Club (partner)

08:20 am PDT – Benefits of Confidential Computing for Web3 AI: A Joint Talk by Super Protocol and NVIDIA

Discussion with Nukri Basharuli, Founder & CEO at Super Protocol
& Michael O’Connor, Senior Director at NVIDIA

The session introduces and covers the key aspects of NVIDIA Confidential Computing (CC): confidential computing, verifiability, and attestation. Following this, Super will discuss the challenges that can be addressed using NVIDIA CC and decentralization.

​09:00 am PDT – Real Web3 with Super Protocol: Real-Time AI Processing in a Self-Sovereign, Verifiable, and Confidential Environment Governed by Smart Contracts

Workshop by Andrey Pogoreltsev, CTO at Super Protocol

Description: Are you weary of continuously relying on Web2 solutions? Do you desire authentic Web3 infrastructure for your AI solutions? Join our live demo workshop, where we'll showcase Super's real-time processing capabilities for confidential and critical AI data. You'll get firsthand experience deploying secure, scalable AI solutions using self-sovereign and verifiable technology. This workshop will be particularly beneficial for those interested in leveraging functionalities for personal AI agents. We'll also discuss how the Super marketplace helps monetize AI solutions, though our primary focus will be launching solutions using an existing provider setup. This session is for AI developers keen on creating practical, decentralized AI applications and engaging directly with cutting-edge tools.

10:00 am PDT – Talk by Bill Shi, Co-Founder & CTO at Pond

10:20 am PDT – Workshop by Dylan Zhang, Co-Founder at Pond & Bill Shi, Co-Founder & CTO at Pond

Title: To An Autonomous Crypto World - Building AI Agents with Pond's GNN Model
Content: Attendees will be provided with Pond's GNN Model outputs, some features Pond used in developing the GNN and some essential on-chain data they processed.

dAGI House — is a hackathon & hacker house dedicated to developing Decentralized AI.

​We will hold an Online Pre-Conference with Hands-on hacker preparation workshops, lectures and 𝕏 spaces as a warm-up for our offline hackathon which will take place in July in Brussels.

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