Cover Image for design aesthetics 101: how to train your design eye
Cover Image for design aesthetics 101: how to train your design eye
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design aesthetics 101: how to train your design eye

Hosted by kelly :)
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Toronto, Ontario
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***update may 9: thank you all for the interest in my event!!! this event is currently at capacity for signups, will be filtering through applications over this weekend, prioritizing people with less experience. you can still join the waitlist though to be added to an email list for future events!***


in mathematics, you have proofs and defined solutions. in software engineering, you provide instructions to a computer and it computes the output for you. in design, it's not so black-and-white. is #FAFAFA better than using pure white? why is everyone using Inter? does Comic Sans actually suck?

how do we handle the grey area?

In Design Aesthetics 101, we will speedrun the principles of design, the essence of taste and how to cultivate it, and how to discern what is "good" design. You will learn how to describe design in words other than just "vibes." You will learn how to translate your design visions into reality, and receive feedback on how to improve. Design mentors will be available to assist you in your creations.

This is an accelerator for students (of any kind) who want to learn design (primarily digital, visual design). No background in design is necessary, however a basic understanding of your design tool of choice is recommended as this event will not include any tutorials on specific design software (i.e. Figma, Photoshop, etc.). This event is also NOT a guide on landing design internships/jobs. If you want to design and make things online in any capacity, this is for you.

with <3, kelly

+ gracious sponsorship support from Daybreak Studio

snacks will be provided! limited spots available (~12-15, aiming for a small group to focus on quality mentorship but please reach out regardless if you're int and it's full!! would love to hear from you personally on why you're interested in learning design)

"It is not the hand that makes the designer, it’s the eye. Learning to design is learning to see."

I can't guarantee you'll be a design prodigy overnight, but my greatest hope is for you to start learning to see.

This is the 3rd iteration of DA101. The 2nd edition of this event was hosted in March, you can learn more about it and see reviews here :)

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Toronto, Ontario
Hosted By
33 Going