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Taipei is known as the land of digital democracy. Located in the center of Asia, Taipei presents itself with traditional sceneries. It is also home to g0v, the civic tech community that plays a significant role in Taiwan’s digital democracy movement. Funding the Commons is working with da0, the web3 branch under g0v, to create a one-and-only experience focused on public goods discussions.

During December 2023, Taipei becomes the global headquarters of the blockchain industry for one week, as it hosts Taipei Blockchain Week, the rising conference series that focuses on connecting Taiwan with the global community.

As we set foot in Taipei, we will see an inspiring and innovative yet cultural environment that incubated strong public infrastructure and creates a brand new dynamic for the 8th installment of Funding the Commons.

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Rough Agenda


臺北以發展數位民主為名。座落在亞洲的中心,台北除了擁有豐富的傳統歷史之外,同時也是公民科技團體 g0v 的發源地。本次 Funding the Commons 特別和 g0v 旗下的 web3 分支 da0 合作,目標創造獨一無二的公共財討論體驗。

今年 2023 年 12 月,亞洲區新興展會台北區塊鏈週將吸引大量從業者來到台北,台北也將成為區塊鏈社群的重要聚集地。 隨著我們來到台北,我們將看到最特別、創新但又充滿文化的環境。這樣的環境孕育的扎實的公共基礎建設,也為 Funding the Commons 的第八次活動帶來全新的動能。