Getting Sales Development a Seat at the Table | A Panel Event by demandDrive



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* A panel discussion around B2B sales development trends and the rise of sales development leaders in SaaS *

Sales development has changed dramatically in 2020. And in 2019. And 2018...

Point is, what teams are doing now is a far cry from what they were doing a year (or 5) ago. They've adapted, changed, and re-established their processes and strategies.

We've noticed a handful of trends over the past year that have really stood out, and they embody this 'new sales development team' more than anything.

From the rise of micro-communities to SDR created content to buying in on omnichannel selling, all of these trends indicate one major shift to us:

Sales Development is getting a seat at the table.

Newer organizations and fast moving companies are starting to see the value that the sales development function brings outside of just booking meetings. They bring strategic direction and alignment to the organization in a way that other departments can't.

Sales development is no longer just 'the child' of sales and marketing, it's becoming its own department and contributing to the overall mission of the company.

Join Lindsay Frey, David Dulany, Rebecca Garber, and Aaron Browning, as they talk through the trends we've seen in 2020, how they relate back to the rise of sales development, and what the future has in store for sales dev leaders.


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