Cover Image for Evidently Monthly Demo
Cover Image for Evidently Monthly Demo
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Evidently Monthly Demo

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​​​​Evidently is an ML monitoring and observability platform. It helps evaluate, test, and monitor the performance of ML models from validation to production.

​​​​Want to know what you can do with Evidently and whether it is the right tool for your needs? Join us for the introductory Evidently Monthly Demo!

We will spotlight the features of the open-source Evidently library and the capabilities of Evidently Cloud, a SaaS ML monitoring platform built on top of Evidently open-source. We will wrap it up with a live demo example and answer your questions.

We will host the event on Zoom. The link will be available once you register for the event. Please register to join the demo. You can join to ask questions or also register to receive the recording.

​​​​Head to our Discord to stay tuned for product updates.

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