Get Scouted + Join Our AMA With LTSE Equity

Fri, Aug 6, 8:30 PM UTC


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Event Information

This event is for founders who haven't been scouted. If you've been scouted, please RSVP via the event in Slack. If you haven't been scouted, RSVPing to this event will automatically scout you and give you all the founder resources that comes with it.

I am pleased to welcome Jason Brausewetter, who is the General Manager of LTSE Equity -, to do an AMA with the Seedscout founders about all things equity and cap tables. LTSE stands for Long Term Stock Exchange, which is a stock exchange for long-term focused founders and investors, led by Eric Ries. I know that there is limited information about managing your equity on the internet so Jason is joining us to so you can ask him questions like:

  • ​What is a cap table?

  • ​Who should I put on a cap table?

  • ​Why a cap table platform vs. managing in Excel? 

  • ​What are the differences between Pulley, Carta, LTSE Equity, and others?

  • ​How much equity should I give to my first 5 employees?

  • ​Should I save equity for a future executive?

  • ​Any anything else. Literally, because this is an AMA

​Come ready to meet an executive of one of the world's most important companies and get ready to learn all about equity and cap tables. We will see you there!

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