Cover Image for Autonomous Humans Meetup #1 (w/ Hico Ventures)
Cover Image for Autonomous Humans Meetup #1 (w/ Hico Ventures)
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Autonomous Humans Meetup #1 (w/ Hico Ventures)

Hosted by Rahul Parundekar & Gina Moon
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Palo Alto, California
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About Event

Autonomous Humans is a community focused on how AI can enhance productivity and personal fulfillment. As AI becomes more common, individuals are using it to handle routine or tedious tasks, allowing them to focus more on meaningful activities. This shift helps people spend more time with loved ones, reflect personally, or work on more significant projects. The goal is not only to increase productivity through AI but to also find greater personal satisfaction in both work and life. Autonomous Humans aim to use AI thoughtfully to shape a future where technology serves deeper personal, professional, and societal goals.

Whether you are an AI power user, someone building helpful assistants, or even someone passionate about shaping our future with AI, we look forward to bringing your perspective into our community's discourse. We invite you to join us in exploring the broadening vistas of living more autonomously, with AI as our ally, focusing on how we delegate, what it is that we do when we regain time on our hands, and how we would like it to impact the profoundly important elements of life that we hold dear.

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This Meetup

In alignment with the core objective of Autonomous Humans—to utilize AI in refining the operational facets of life—we are thrilled to unveil our inaugural community gathering. This event is designed as a journey into how artificial intelligence not only simplifies our daily personal and professional responsibilities but also augments our existence, affording us the liberty to dedicate ourselves to truly enriching pursuits.

Being our first meetup, we'll have an intimate setting with a curated list of attendees from AI power users, builders of AI-powered products, founders, and investors. The space is limited, so please fill in our questionnaire to the best of your authentic interests.

The session will commence with a chance to meet fellow Autonomous Humans. We'll then hear from Michelle Yi who has adeptly integrated AI into her writing - both as a researcher/expert as a Data Scientist in AI, a thought leader in empowering women in data, her musings on art, and illuminating the pragmatic and transformative effects of using AI as an ESL global citizen. Next, Artur Kiulian, founder of Polyagent and researcher in LLMs, will shed light on the societal impact of LLMs and the Importance of culture and language preservation in the age of AI globalization. We'll also have a fireside chat between Hamed Honari, a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Stanford, and Sam Kim, partner at Hico Ventures, about the future/moonshot of AI agent development, and potential challenges along the way. Subsequently, round-table discussions will provide a platform for participants to exchange their insights, ponder the future role of AI in personal growth, and establish connections with like-minded individuals.

Come join us as we embark on an exciting journey of discovery and purposeful use of technology to improve the Human Experience.

Our Hosts

Communities thrive on the support of exceptional partners. We'd like to thank our sponsors Hico Ventures for hosting us. A little about them - Hico Ventures is a brand new early-stage VC fund that invests in emerging technologies including AI. It provides founders access to resources across the value chain of entrepreneurship in partnership with top funds, university systems, corporations, and sports/entertainment brands.

The Movement

This concept of augmenting human experience with technology is not new, but the approach of Autonomous Humans is notable for its emphasis on the personal, almost intimate aspects of how AI touches life. It's not just about being more productive but about redefining productivity in terms of personal fulfillment and enrichment as a result of using AI at home/work.

As AI continues to evolve, its potential to serve as a catalyst for this kind of life optimization becomes increasingly significant. The challenges will be in ensuring these technologies are accessible to all and in guiding their development in a way that maximizes their positive impact on human life. The journey of Autonomous Humans is a step toward understanding and achieving these goals, offering a glimpse into a future where technology and human aspiration converge to create a richer, more autonomous way of living.

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Palo Alto, California
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