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Founders Friday with Dan Freed from Thesis

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Hey! So here’s what we know: every Friday @ 8:30am sharp we’re going to have an incredible founder who we chat with for ~20mins, followed by ~15mins of audience Q&A. We keep it tactical, honest, and interactive, so it feels a lot more like a conversation in a founder's living room than your typical gathering. Kept small by design.

​​​Show flow:

  • ​​​8:30-8:50 | doors open & mingle

  • ​​​8:50-9:15 | moderated conversation

  • ​​​9:15-9:30 | founder crowd Q&A

  • ​​​9:30-9:35 | community (karma) asks

  • ​​​9:35-10:00 | hang around & meet other founders

​​​@Free Agency, 16 W 22nd St, Floor 8

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​​​Sponsored by:

  • ​​​Free Agency // − Hollywood-style representation for top tech talent, and

  • ​​​A·Team // − an invite-only network for the world’s top independent developers, designers, and product leads to team up & build stellar software