Argilla Community Meetup

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About Event

Get the latest info on LLMs and NLP with Argilla: A Python Community Meetup for open-source lovers!

Feel free to forward questions and topics to us via or, or reach out via Slack.

Our community meetup is a unique opportunity for like-minded individuals to connect, and collaborate. Whether you're a seasoned AI expert or just starting your journey in this fascinating field, this event is designed to cater to all levels of expertise. We encourage learning, sharing knowledge, and networking, so you can meet fellow enthusiasts, make new connections, and gain insights from experts in the field.

Come prepared to have your burning questions answered during our lively Q&A sessions, gain valuable insights from captivating presentations, and, most importantly, interact with others who share your passion for NLP and LLMs. This event is your chance to exchange ideas, discuss the latest trends, and learn about the groundbreaking work happening in the open-source Python community.

So mark your calendars and be a part of this memorable event, where you can celebrate the world of language models with Argilla. We look forward to seeing you at our community meetup, where the power of NLP and LLMs takes centre stage!"