🤝 How to Negotiate Your Next Offer

Thu, Sep 2, 10:00 PM UTC


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Got a job offer and don’t know how to negotiate? Want to know how to prepare before you get an offer? Check out our next career development event - How to Negotiate Your Next Offer, taking place Thursday, Sept 2nd from 6-7pm EST on Zoom! 🎉

At this event you'll hear from Leon Liang ‘17, Senior Software Engineer at Apprentice and FIU alumnus, on how to negotiate your next job offer and get paid your worth! You'll learn the different components that make up a job offer, and understand the current market to get paid competitively. Leon will also provide insight on the options you have when negotiating your offer, and go over the do’s and don’t of negotiating 💸

Don't miss this amazing opportunity to prepare for future negotiations and set yourself up for success! This event is open to everyone 🤗

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