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Hosted by Lolita Taub
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🥳 Welcome to Lolita's Twitter Spaces Show, a variety show* where thought leaders share gems on a variety of topics that aim to support underestimated founders, funders & friends on our journey to startup-investor success!

🗓 Add the show to your calendars by Registering. The show will run from Dec 2021 thru Feb 2022, Mondays and Thursdays from 5-5:30PM ET / 4-4:30PM CT // 2-2:30PM PT. You can register for some or all events!

👋🏽 Become a speaker. Speakers come from our community! You can learn more and apply to become one of our speakers here.

Note: Lolita is a Twitter Spaces Spark program show host of Lolita's Twitter Spaces Show, a variety show. If there happens to be no guest speaker on a particular day, we will still hang out and discuss strategies to succeed in our startup-investor journey!

Speaker line-up & topics
Last updated: 12/05/2021

Dec 2, 2021, Lolita Taub, Founder at LaaS - Welcome to Lolita's Twitter Spaces Show & how to get involved

Dec 6, 2021, Brian Murray, Co-founder at Cabal - How to build your community with equity

Dec 9, 2021, Jannine Versi, Co-founder at Elektra - How to build solutions for taboo issues

Dec 13, 2021, Andres Bilbao, Co-founder at Rappi - How to angel invest in LATAM

Dec 16, 2021, Erik Cardenas, Co-founder at Zócalo - How to spot digital health opportunities in Latino Markets

Dec 20, 2021, Brian Requarth, Co-founder of Latitud & Viva Real - How to start a VC-backed startup in LATAM

Dec 23, 2021, Shuo Chen, GP at IOVC - How to build & raise for a future of work startup

Dec 27, 2021, Cheryl Campos, Head of Venture Growth at Republic - How to practically build community

Dec 30, 2021, Monica Muñoz, MPA Candidate at Utah University - How to achieve work-life balance in 2022

Jan 3, 2022, Shayna Harris, GP at Supply Change Capital - How to support underestimated food/tech founders in community

Jan 6, 2022, Aditi Shekar, Co-founder at Zeta - How to build a customer advisory board and more

Jan 10, 2022, Sydney Fulkerson, GP at Sunflower Fund - How to storytell and get funding

Jan 13, 2022, Gina Gotthilf, Co-founder of Latitud, formerly Head of Growth at Duolingo - How to grow your company organically

Jan 17, 2022, Melissa Frakman, GP Emphasis Ventures - How to jump in on India’s booming startup ecosystem

Jan 20, 2022, Christian Van Der Henst, Co-founder at Platzi - How to navigate LATAM startups and crypto

Jan 24, 2022, Kai Han, Co-founder at Pallet - How to recruit and hire in community

Jan 27, 2022, Jessica Karr, GP at Coyote Ventures - How to invest in funds and keep your mental health

Jan 31, 2022, Yohei Nakajima, GP at Untapped/PixelBeasts- How to launch an NFT community and invest in Web 3 startups

Feb 3, 2022, Rosie Sherry, Founder of Rosieland - How to build, manage and grow a community-driven company

Feb 7, 2022, RJ Ruggles, Founder at HomeRoom - How you can leverage community as a differentiating moat

Feb 10, 2022, Rei Wang, Co-founder at The Grand - How to build a VC-backed community-driven coaching startup

Feb 14, 2022, Kate Brodock, GP at W Fund - How early-stage founders can master leadership, pitching, fundraising, relationship-building, and more

Feb 17, 2022, Christie Pitts, GP at Backstage Capital - How early-stage founders can successfully fundraise

Feb 21, 2022, Gayatri Sarkar, GP at Advaita Capital - How to invest in social impact, DEI, ESG startups

Feb 24, 2022, Victor Pontis, Co-founder at Luma - How to leverage crypto and events at your startup

Feb 28, 2022, Hassan Bhatti, Co-founder at Cryptonumerics (acq by Snowflake) - How to successfully do enterprise sales