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Cover Image for Digital Money Academy on Stablecoins
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Digital Money Academy on Stablecoins

Hosted by Digital Euro Association e.V.
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In this Digital Money Academy (DMA) by the DEA, industry experts educate on key concepts of stablecoins, with a focus on regulation.

About the DEA Digital Money Academy

​The Digital Money Academy on Stablecoins aims at educating the general public, financial sector experts, policy-makers, and consultants. Topics covered include the foundation of stablecoins, the different forms of stablecoins, their use cases, how the current stablecoin market looks like, whether stablecoin regulation is needed, and how stablecoin regulation is currently conducted.

These aspects are discussed by industry experts involved in the design, deployment, oversight and general discussions around stablecoins. The format allows for lectures of sufficient depth to gain a general understanding of stablecoins and their impact on the future of digital money and to engage in open discussions amongst participants.

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Meet the Lecturers

  • Marc Anders (Business Engineer and Research Associate at the Frankfurt School Blockchain Center (FSBC))

  • Gregory Klumov (Founder & CEO of STASIS)

  • Jón Egilsson (Chair & co-founder of Monerium)

  • Alireza Siadat (Partner at Annerton)

  • Robert Kopitsch (Secretary General of Blockchain for Europe / APCO Finance & FinTech Lead EMEA)

  • Stefan Kromolicki (Secretary General of Blockchain for Europe / APCO Finance & FinTech Lead EMEA)

  • Conrad Kraft (Strategic Advisor at the Digital Euro Association)


  1. Introduction to Stablecoins
    1.1 Welcome & Introduction to the Course
    1.2 Introduction to Stablecoins

  2. The Current Stablecoin Market
    2.1 Use Cases for Stablecoins & EURS Stablecoin
    2.2 Monerium Stablecoin & Business Model
    2.3 The Current Stablecoin Landscape Worldwide

  3. Stablecoin Regulation Worldwide
    3.1 Stablecoin Regulation in the EU
    3.2 Stablecoin Regulation Worldwide

  4. Close
    4.1 Outro & Directions to Stay Up to Date with the Newest Developments

Location and date

Location: Online. Details for the live broadcast will be sent to you on the day of the event (no prior software installation required)
Date: October 9, 2024

Time: 10h00–15h00 (CET), breaks included

Language: English

Tickets and registration

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125€ per delegate

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62,50€ per DEA member (institutional lite members) (per delegate)

100€ per DEA newsletter subscriber and social media follower (per delegate)

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About the Digital Euro Association

​The Digital Euro Association (DEA) is a think tank specializing in central bank digital currencies (CBDCs), stablecoins, crypto assets, and other forms of digital money. In particular, we focus on the private and the public digital euro. The Digital Euro Association (DEA) is an independent voice of society, committed to advancing values such as freedom, privacy, and transparent governance in digital money. The DEA is independent and not affiliated with the Eurosystem nor any European organization. More information on the Digital Euro Association can be found on our website, LinkedIn and Twitter.

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