Hot Strike: Techno Optimism and Visions of the CyberPunk Future

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Hot Strike is the Closing-Out Afterparty of Deep Tech Week

We've spent all week learning about the tantalizing prospects of a science fiction future just around the corner, as scientist, engineers, philosophers and designers boldly re-imagine what life could look life in an age of miracles.

Neurotech, Robotics, Energy, Fission, Fusion, Aerospace, Bio, Defense, Storytelling, Physics of Computing, Democratizing Intelligence, and Life, the Universe, and Everything.

Tonight we will pull the future back in time to the present for a single evening to see manifest destiny of Techno-Optimism: Visions of the CyberPunk Future

Doors open at 10pm
Admission: $30
VIP Lounge: $300

Digitize your virtual self at the Promenade Upload Theater, trade notes on black-market body mods at the CyberPunk Laser Lounge, and free your spirit through dance at the TechnoDome Main Stage with over 11 DJ's back-to-back.

Capture the momentum of Deep Tech Week and strike while the iron is hot as we force history down a new timeline. After all, the future looks bright when you're wearing GigaGlasses.

Note: Just before this event there is a free film screening of Balaji's latest talk: Technodemocracy. Everyone is welcome to come early to see this film. After the film there will be Q&A with Balaji, and a surprise announcement from Hyperstition Incorporated.

IF YOU ALREADY PURCHASED PARTY or VIP TICKETS to TECHNODEMOCRACY then YOU'RE ALL SET - these events run back-to-back in the same venue. (Don't sign up twice! We are trying to track numbers accurately.)


Time Artist

7:00:00 PM ROMiii

9:30:00 PM meikeemagnetic

10:15:00 PM LYSNNUP


12:00:00 AM STARFARI

1:00:00 AM Dusty Carter b2b Colibri


Time Artist

7:30:00 PM JDIRRA

9:00:00 PM NOONE

10:00:00 PM Ilya Hacker

11:00:00 PM Tiana Terese

12:00:00 AM YANZY

1:00:00 AM Thomas Machina

1020 22nd Ave
Oakland, CA 94606, USA
Parking limited, try to Uber / Lyft