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Cover Image for Blockchain and Open Source: A Look at the Legal Landscape
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Blockchain and Open Source: A Look at the Legal Landscape

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Berlin, Berlin
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Come join us for breakfast and a engaging discussion with the legal folks in Web3.


9AM: Doors Open, Breakfast Served

9:30AM: Panel Starts

Post Panel: Networking

This discussion sits at the intersection between blockchain and open source. Our panelists will look at how the existing and upcoming regulatory frameworks affect the creation and use of blockchain solutions built on open-source software. Additionally, we will discuss how regulations such as the Data Act, Markets in Crypto-Assets Regulation, the Cyber Resilience Act and Product Liability Directive impact open-source solution development, the open-source community, and the future of blockchain innovation. We will also look at the challenges and opportunities in this area, offering practical advice for developers and companies to grow and stay compliant.

This event is brought to you by JUST Open Source Stiftung, YPOG, The Blockchain Lawyers Forum, and EUCI (European Crypto Initiative), and World of Women.

Our Panelists:

Benedikt Flöter (YPOG)

Marina Markezic  (European Crypto Initiative)

Gustav Hemmelmayr (KILT Protocol)

Joanna Rindell (Moderator, World of Women)

Kirill Pimenov (Alzymologist Oy)

About Web3 Futures

Web3 Futures, hosted by JUST Open Source Stiftung, is a speaking series aimed at understanding the barriers and challenges to Web3 adoption. In this event series, we invite Web3 players from across Berlin to discuss how we reach a Web3 Future.

​​About JUST Open Source Stiftung

​​JUST Open Source is Stiftung aiming to promote Web3 adoption through funding education and research initiatives. As part of their mandate, they have launched The JUST Grant. Learn more and apply at

About YPOG

YPOG is a highly-specialized law firm that advises people with visionary ideas to reach a common goal: sustainable change. In enterprises, in industries, and in our society. This is made possible by our experts working as a team with our clients For we believe that a cooperation based on mutual appreciation is the foundation for our joint success. Specifically: excellent legal and commercial results, inter alia in all Emerging Technologies such as Web3, Crypto, AI and their regulation.

About The European Crypto Initiative

The European Crypto Initiative is a group of experts in blockchain technology and more specifically decentralised use-cases, that have come together to constructively contribute to the development of EU policy and aims to shape EU regulation to favour open, permissionless, decentralised applications leveraging blockchain technology.

About Blockchain Lawyers Forum

Blockchain Lawyers Forum is a global decentralized non-profit organization that connects the most experienced blockchain lawyers from around the globe. The organisation consists of more than 800 members in 20+ different hubs around the world. The BLF encourages cross-jurisdictional thinking on key industry topics, aims to be a global educational forum and help shape the new regulatory standards worldwide.

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Berlin, Berlin
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