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Cicada x Tech23 QLD Event - Brad Parsons, MOVUS

Hosted by Cristina & Evelyn Homin
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For Cicada x Tech23, Australia's largest deep tech festival, we are travelling the country to celebrate radical innovators by bringing back alumni to hear their journey from Tech23 to today.

Queensland is our next stop, where we will be shining a spotlight on local alumni, MOVUS (Tech23 2015) and its CEO & Founder, Brad Parsons. Cicada's CEO, Sally-Ann Williams will retrace Brad's steps from the early days to today, and explore the lessons learned along the way to building a global business and one Australia's true deep tech success stories.

This event is in partnership with The University of Queensland, UQ Ventures, a State Sponsor of Cicada x Tech23.

Event Location - How to get there: 

📍 Ventures Space, Ground Floor, Global Change Institute (Building 20), The University of Queensland

You can find directions here or use the UQ Maps to find us: UQ Maps - The University of Queensland, Australia.

Meet Brad Parsons

Brad is the CEO and Founder of MOVUS. He spent 25 years in a corporate career which spanned national and global positions. These included Aurizon, Flight Centre, News Limited and Multiplex. Prior to starting MOVUS he worked on automation projects for BHP and Aurizon where he worked on their automation blueprints. His inspiration for MOVUS came from a strategic condition monitoring program which he worked on for Sydney Trains. 


MOVUS was founded January 2015. Their core product is the 'FitMachine', a machine condition monitoring solution that is powered by AI to enable the detection of machine failures in advance. The solution is sold as 'condition monitoring as a service' in over 18 countries and over 200 Million health samples have been processed on the platform.

MOVUS has raised capital from Blackbird Ventures, Telstra Ventures and Skip Capital (the Family Office of Atlassian’s Scott Farquhar). 

In 2018 the team launched a world first explosive zone sensor - FitMachine EX and are also launching a world first self-installed power monitoring sensor called FitPower. Brad is motivated to use the MOVUS brand to reduce global energy usage as electric motors use 47% of global electricity.  

About Cicada and Cicada x Tech23

Cicada Innovations is the home of deep tech in Australia. Through our incubator and programs we provide full life-cycle support for Australia’s most ambitious deep tech ventures as they discover solutions to some of the world’s most pressing problems and promising opportunities.

This year, Tech23 joins the Cicada family, united by our shared mission to celebrate and amplify radical innovators, to bring you Cicada x Tech23.

Cicada x Tech23 is an annual festival celebrating radical innovation and brave ideas from the world of Australian deep tech. The event on 26th July 2023 will be a showcase of 23 of the nation’s most promising emerging ventures, helping connect them to an audience of problem solvers, investors and big thinkers. It’s a day to immerse yourself in rich discussions, serendipitous encounters and a chance to support game changing startups that can revolutionise our world.

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