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Tribe is a place for individuals who share a common goal to come synchronize efforts and hold each other accountable for progress. 

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cXc Tribe meets once a month to focus on manifesting our shared goals, as laid out in the Vision Temple, below.

Along the way, we’ll improve this Tribe concept, and share it for other communities to adopt.

🏛 All Tribes work towards shared goals 🌞

Here’s cXc’s Vision Temple with our goals

​Vision 👁

A world where every creative expression may shine through organic, local support to become a global sensation.

​Mission 🎶

​To provide tools to nourish budding creators into full bloom. To seed a culture that value genuine creative expression as a key to unlocking the full human experience. Bioharmony. Sound Healing. A Human experience that is rich, abundant, and allows each individual to fulfill their declared destiny in a collective world.

​Pillars ⚙️

Global Music Map

Biomimetic Economics 🟣🔵🟡

Blockchain Media Standards

Collectable Media

Catalyzing direct creator-enjoyer relationships

Tribe of Valued + Rewarded + Recognized members

Sourcing vision from cXc Tribe

Musical Gatherings on celestial events

​Foundation 🏛


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