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Coffee with Sesame #45

Mar 9 (Tue), 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM UTC ·Zoom


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Interested in learning about immersive virtual event spaces? Can VR/AR be used to increase attendee engagement? Are virtual reality events the new future of events?

We’re discussing these questions and more in this Coffee with Sesame session.

Joining us to champion the conversation is Olivier Godest, Founder and CEO of Virtuality Paris who is sure to teach us a thing or two about the future of virtual events using XR, VR, and AR.


Virtuality Paris was held in December 2020 using Teemew Event (developed by partner Manzalab Group). This fully-virtual event experience was dedicated to showcasing augmented and virtual reality technologies. Virtuality created an immersive trade show complete with virtual booths, online talks, and customisable avatars.

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