Coffee with Sesame #40

Feb 2 (Tue), 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM Coordinated Universal Time ·Zoom


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What's the right platform for your event? Should you bet on a one-stop solution or use several tools for specific needs?

While virtual event vendors are serving better than ever the requisites of the online event market, we're still far from perfect. Should event planners reinvent their formats to fit in the box? Can we expect the answer from software providers?

We're discussing these challenges every week and for the first time we are welcoming some service providers during Coffee with Sesame. Ready to ask them all your burning questions?


Balloon is a virtual events platform that enables event organizers to create highly customizable, engaging virtual events that they can monetize efficiently. Balloon was built during the pandemic and was launched in October 2020.

Blastream is a live video production service in the cloud allowing to bring together several remote speakers in video and broadcast it live to an unlimited audience. This service is available on desktop and smartphone without any application.

Gatherly: Current video conferencing platforms are designed for lectures and meetings; Gatherly is designed for events. Our platform allows you to host online events where participants can seamlessly flow between one-on-ones, smaller huddles, and bigger groups.

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