Coffee with Sesame #38

Jan 19 (Tue), 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM Coordinated Universal Time ·Zoom


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Event Information

South Summit is a renowned global innovation platform that promotes high-value connections by bringing together the key players in the innovation ecosystem in order to generate real business opportunities. In 2012, Spain Startup, together with IE Business School, saw opportunities for entrepreneurs at a time when the financial crisis had hit hard. In the last few years, it has extended its connection network worldwide with a 365 global activity always with adaptability and reinvention as part of its core. The last edition was held on October 6th-8th with more than 52.000 attendees from over 120 countries.

Key numbers (in 2020):

  • 30.000 participants

  • +7.700 entrepreneurs

  • 8.900 executives

  • 2.100 investors

  • +€130B Inv. Portfolio

  • More than 50.000 viewers

Event in 2021: Oct 5-7, 2021

Speaker: Marta del Castillo - Chief Operating Officer will be our guest.

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