Coffee with Sesame #29

Nov 10 (Tue), 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM Coordinated Universal Time ·Zoom


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In this session, we welcome an event organizer and a startup founder:

  • Jan Ameri, CEO of Arctic15 (Finland), one the most efficient platform for matchmaking between startups and investors. Jan just hosted its first virtual event. Three days of action, creating a mix of live and virtual "TV show", with 100 expert speakers and over 300 investors of all types, angels, VC, and LPs all in the mix. Jan was using Dealroom Events among other tools and it worked for them. If you want to know how Arctic15 attracted more investors than ever, and some lessons learned from the mistakes made, you shouldn't miss this session then

  • Nikita Dedik, Founder & CEO, Road Travel (UK): Road.Travel (UK) is a road trip planner and a marketplace of trips for connected and autonomous cars. One of the first partners of BYTON, Road.Travel offers a trip-planning platform that integrates with the in-car infotainment system. Nikita Dedik is an alumni of our startup program and a true event lover. He would normally attend 2 events per month on average.
    We will discuss how Covid-19 is impacting on his plans, his opinion on the virtual event landscape, and what's next for them as Road Travel. They were developing content to be integrated into Ford’s navigation systems after winning Ford's startup competition in 2019 and about to develop a white-label solution for airlines including Etihad Airways. How did they pivot?

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