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Weekend Design Workshop (WDW)

Hosted by Xperian School, Arjun Phlox & Karthi Subbaraman
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About Event

Weekend Design Workshop (WDW) is a 2-day fun-filled yet intensive workshop aiming at getting you started with Digital Product Design aka UI/UX Design.

In this workshop Team Xperian will teach you the principles of product design and enable you to get started on the path of becoming a digital product designer.

Here’s what you will get to learn from the workshop:

  1. Big Picture of Design, Products and Business

  2. Human Visual Perception

  3. Human Cognitive Perception

  4. Figma Basics

  5. User Interface Basics

  6. Prototyping Basics

  7. and a surprise 👀


You are not expected to know anything about product design. You can walk-in as an absolute beginner and walk-out with basics of digital product design. Your beginner's mind is appreciate and celebrated.

Ensure you have a laptop which is connected to internet during the session (duh!) and have a Figma account ( The details will be shared with you in an email.