Cover Image for AiSalon Tokyo - July 2024
Cover Image for AiSalon Tokyo - July 2024
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NOTE: if you want to demo now or at a future monthly AiSalon event, check with Ilya Kulyatin ( or on LinkedIn)!

​​Join us for the July AiSalon event in Tokyo! AiSalon is a global community by and for AI-focused founders, builders, investors, and enterprise partners.

​​The format is a monthly in-person event with lightning talks from startups with a presence in Japan, showing the products they are working on to other builders, partners, and investors.

​​Let us know if you want to demo when you submit your application!

​​Every event features AI startup demos, where founders get valuable feedback and build relationships. Investors and VCs visit AiSalon to see the latest Tokyo AI and ML startup ecosystem innovations.

​​AiSalon has been launched by Jeffrey Abbott, GP at Blitzscaling Ventures, who decided to partner with Tokyo AI (TAI) through a JETRO patronage for the Tokyo chapter. DEEPCORE supports us with food and beverages, and is also an integral part of the Tokyo AI ecosystem. This time we are joined an additional sponsor, SUGIMURA & Partners, a Japanese IP law firm founded in 1923.


​​18:00 Doors open

​​​18:30 Tokyo AI (TAI) + JETRO intro

​​18:35 Patron slot: Investing in AI and Deep Tech (DEEPCORE, Hiroshi Nemoto)

​​18:40 Patron slot: Patent strategy for startups (SUGIMURA & Partners, Takuya Izumi)

18:45 Ecosystem slot: Introduction to Digital Garage and GenLab (Digital Garage, Yuto Saeki)

18:50 Ecosystem slot: Alchemist Partner presenting their program (Alchemist, Ian Bergman)

​​19:00 Startup demo speakers (4-5 minutes each):

  • Morph (Naoto Shibata, Co-founder & CEO): Morph is an AI data workspace that integrates data and gives you actionable insights.

  • datagusto (Tatsuya Nakamura, Co-founder & CTO): datagusto is a data architect co-pilot. System architects and data engineers use datagusto to automate system integrations from designing architectures to processing data, like a data architect in your pocket.

  • IPDefine (Aaron Mollin, CEO): IPDefine has developed the world’s first AI capable of identifying and rating patent infringement to unlock the full value of patents as an asset class.

  • (Evan Burkosky, Co-founder & CRO): is a software platform that enables executives to make faster, more accurate decisions using human judgment augmented by AI.

  • Xenos Labs (Alexandre Fournier, Co-founder & CEO): Xenos Chat is an AI-powered search engine and AI chat assistant targeting recent and real-time events. It's able to explain and analyze in detail sports, finance, and news, even those that dropped just a minute ago.

  • Smart Agri Labs (Kirill Gusev, Co-founder & CEO): We develop AI-driven solutions to create more productive, resilient, and profitable farms. Our first offerings include an AI-powered seed intelligence platform and a reliable virtual agronomist.

  • PixelX Inc (Xiuxi Pan, Founder & CEO): Building the next-generation GenAI & Blockchain-based Dataset Platform for AI development. Our platform accelerates the data preparation process and enhances the quality of datasets, allowing customers to free AI development from the complexities of data preparation.

  • AlpacaTech Co. Ltd. (Andreas Alexelis, Representative Director & CTO): AlpacaTech is applying ML/AI technologies to create predictions of the prices of financial assets. These predictions are used by financial institutions for trading, investing, etc.

  • xMap (Mo Batran, Founder & CEO): Polygon AI solves fragmented data challenges leading to poor decisions for businesses in consulting, retail, real estate, and urban planning. Our platform uses LLMs to provide real-time insights so users can analyze traffic, demographics, and site suitability with natural language queries.

  • susuROBO (Maxim Makatchev, Founder & CEO): AIROID is a platform that helps business improve their UX by embedding conversational AI avatars. AIROID avatars have been powering end-user interactions in such areas as online learning, elderly care, and customer service.

​Until 21:00 there will be startup demo stands, food, drinks, and open networking.​


  • ​​Japan, 〒107-6006 Tokyo, Minato City, Akasaka, 1-chōme−12−32, Ark Mori Building, 総合案内7階

  • ​​Take the elevator to Floor 7!

​​Global AiSalon information

​​JETRO information

​​Tokyo AI (TAI) information

​​DEEPCORE information

​​DEEPCORE is a Tokyo-based AI-focused incubator and VC firm supporting entrepreneurs who aspire to change the world with technology. DEEPCORE invests in Pre-Seed to Series A.

​​SUGIMURA & Partners information

SUGIMURA & Partners is a full-service intellectual property law firm founded in 1923, having over 90 years of experience with Patents, Utility Models, Designs, Trademarks, Copyrights, and other industrial property rights and has been recognized as one of the leading and distinguished patent firms in Japan. The firm maintains offices in Tokyo and Silicon Valley and has served over 10,000 clients throughout Japan and abroad during its 90 years of history.

Ark Mori Building
1-chōme-12-32 Akasaka, Minato City, Tokyo 107-6090, Japan
FLOOR 7, JETRO (take the elevator on the first floor next to the Starbucks).
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