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Designer, Founders, & Creators Meetup (South Bay, Cupertino) SF #TechWeek

Hosted by Design Buddies & 3 others
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Cupertino, California
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Make other friends in design, tech, and content creation around the Bay Area. Share what you're working on, connect, and maybe find potential collaborators!

We will also be hosting a fun art activity to co-create something together. We are taking a group photo at 5 pm.

More friends will be in town as this is happening around SF Tech Week and Apple's WWDC!

We have 170+ sign ups. Add your info to our networking sheet if you'd like to connect with others.

​Banner illustration by Grace Ling

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Grace Ling is a designer, founder, illustrator, content creator, and runner. Grace founded Design Buddies, helping designers land jobs, improve their skills, and make friends. She is a UX designer at Electronic Arts building products for content creators and events. Grace also creates content about design, art, career, and lifestyle!

​​Connect with Grace: LinkedIn | Instagram (self) | Instagram (art) | Twitter | TikTok | YouTube

Henry Moore is a UX Designer at Microsoft working on the future of supply chain management software. In his free time he enjoys all things music, including learning guitar and djing, producing music, and clubbing 🕺. He also loves to hoop 🏀!

Connect with Henry: LinkedIn | Instagram

Look for us in the "Reserved" area and host Grace with this backpack:

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This event is a part of #TechWeek - a week of events hosted by VCs and startups to bring together the tech ecosystem.