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Cover Image for State of Climate Tech 2023
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State of Climate Tech 2023

Hosted by Climate Tech Japan
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Join us on December 9, 2023, to understand the state of Climate Tech in 2023. This year's event is based on three themes:

💸 Capital Dynamics

🌱 Community

🔧 Technological Innovation

At Climate Tech Japan, we believe that all 3 of the factors play equally important role in making Climate Tech ecosystem robust and effective.


11:00~11:05: Opening


11:05~11:50: State of Climate Tech in Korea(Online)
The session provides insights into Korean climate tech startups, featuring D3 Jubilee Partners' impact investments, Green Mineral's lithium recycling tech, BTE's hydrogen solutions, and SCSm's AI-based thermal management system for EVs.

1. Wonsik Jeong : Investment Manager @ D3 Jubilee Partners
2. Kwang-Hwan Jung: CEO and Co-founder @ Green Mineral
3. Hyungkyu Jin: CEO and Co-founder @ SCSm
4. Stella King: VP @ BTE


12:00~12:20: Lightning Talk State of Tech: Remote Sensing(Online)
The presentation covers GIS and remote sensing basics, focusing on their applications in forestry and hydrology related to climate change. It explores how these technologies aid understanding and decision-making for climate change mitigation, featuring case studies, startup innovations, and open data sources.

Shaurya Bajaj:  Vice Curator, Global Shapers Guwahati Hub


12:30~13:20: State of Capital in Climate Tech(Hybrid)
This session explores trends, challenges, and opportunities in climate tech financing from a Global perspective with panelists having experience in multiple geographies. Learn from experts about investment landscapes, emerging technologies, and future outlooks.

1. Yijing Wang: Founding Partner @ 2060 Advisory
2. Itaru Shiraishi: VC @ Energy & Environment Investment


13:30-14:10: State of Community in Climate Tech(Hybrid)
This session explores the pivotal role of community in climate tech. It delves into knowledge sharing, networking, and resource accessibility within the community, emphasizing its impact on innovation and collaboration. Attendees can anticipate an industry overview, insights into community building, discussions on networking, success stories, challenges, and opportunities for engagement in the climate tech community.

1. Ben Soltoff: EIR, Martin Trust Center For MIT Entrepreneurship


Break 14:10~14:30


14:30~15:20: State of Talent in Japanese Climate Tech (Hybrid)
This session explores the vital role of talent in climate tech, addressing skill demand, education, diversity, collaboration, success stories, and opportunities for engagement, emphasizing talent's pivotal role in innovation.

1. So Sugawara Founder, Green Innovation Academy
2. Koshu Kunii General Partner, Lifetime Ventures


15:30~Closing and Networking for In-Person Attendees(In-person)


Feel free to reach out if there are any questions. We will have in-person audience in Tokyo.

Register now for the State of Climate Tech 2023 and be at the forefront of the movement towards a more technologically advanced and resilient world. #ClimateTech2023 🌍

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