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Talent Strategy Session

Hosted by Jump Capital & Trisha Degg
Past Event
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Your overwhelmingly positive feedback set the stage for the return of the talent strategy session as a regularly scheduled series bringing together talent leaders to discuss and work through the sensitive topics they're navigating in a safe community setting.

As a reminder, to provide programming with impact, this workshop lasts ~90 minutes and begins at 8:30 am CT - allowing you to grab the coffee you need before settling in to talk about the talent topics that are top of mind for you this time of year.

This time around, we're cutting back on the number of topics and lengthening talk time so we can dive deeper into the issues living rent-free in your heads.

Our Agenda:

  • 5 Min | Introduction

  • 15 Min | Mental Health: Managing Burnout

  • 10 Min | Group Chat

  • 15 Min | State of Recruitment

  • 10 Min | Group Chat

  • 15 Min | Money Matters: All About Compensation

  • 10 Min | Group Chat

  • 15 Min | Potpourri: What Did We Miss?

  • 10 Min | Group Chat

  • Till next time!!