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The Launch of the Center for Strategic Translation: Understanding China over the Long Term

Hosted by Center for Strategic Translation
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Please join us at the City Club in San Francisco at 3:00 p.m. on Saturday, November 12th for launch of the Center for Strategic Translation. 

The event will feature opening remarks, panel discussion and Q&A, followed by a cocktail reception.


  • Tanner Greer. Founder & Director, Center for Strategic Translation.

  • Peter Mattis. Director of Intelligence and Analysis, Special Competitive Studies Project.

  • Jordan Schneider. Technology analyst, Rhodium Group; host, ChinaTalk Podcast.

  • Emily Jin, Research assistant, Center for a New American Security’s Energy, Economics, and Security program.

The Center for Strategic Translation was founded in response to a sobering realization: even as China grows more central to the future of humanity, understanding China and its leaders grows more difficult.

During the Cold War Americans built a vast ecosystem to understand the closed Communist regimes of Europe and Asia. Americans have not made similar investments in understanding the opaque politics of 21st century China. We hope to change this.

The mission of the Center for Strategic Translation is to translate and annotate valuable documents that are currently unavailable in English, and to train young scholars, journalists, and analysts how to understand these sources. Through these means we forge the tools needed to interpret the China of Xi Jinping and raise up the generation of specialists who will guide our relations with China in the decades to come.

We invite you to join us for cocktails and an informal panel discussion on November 12th. The panel’s theme is Understanding the Chinese Communist Party Over the Long Durée: A 50 Year Action Plan. The panelists we have assembled have written incisive critiques of the established “China watching” ecosystem. They will discuss with us where this ecosystem currently falls short, the critical bottlenecks the West faces developing expertise in Chinese politics, and the leverage points open to philanthropists concerned with fixing these problems on the long term.

Attendance is free. Please RSVP here to secure your spot. We look forward to seeing you there.