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DC CS & Sales Leaders: Masterclass Workshop

Hosted by Josh Schachter
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"The most fun and creative thinking I have had with executive peers in a very long time."

~ Ahmed Quadri, Chief Customer Officer, Heap Analytics

TL;DR 👉 watch this clip to learn about the "Hack-a-Future" event format:

This workshop's D.C. theme will be around the 💒collaboration of Customer Success & Sales, and is partnered with


⚠️ We know 2023 has been a rough year. If you cannot afford this event please email and we will give you a free ticket (courtesy of UpdateAI + Totango).

⚠️ Due to overwhelming demand, this event is currently limited to CS & Sales team leaders and above. We will try to open the event to individual contributors at the earliest opportunity.

⚠️ Preliminary agenda for the day:


  • Collaborate with other CS and Sales leaders in the DMV community

  • Learn how to run an innovation workshop to take back to your company/team. (See how Veronica Dasovich did this at Panther.)

  • Identify key frictions around Customer Success & Sales Collaboration and together come up with product and process improvements.

  • Pitch your ideas for fun prizes, judged by VCs.

  • Full happy hour with drinks and food.

The Hack-a-Future workshop is powered by UpdateAI. Through generative AI fine-tuned for Customer Success, UpdateAI is bringing game-changing innovation to post-sales relationships.

Photos of Past Hack-a-Futures: