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#CryptoClubCPH Friday Bar

Hosted by Tegan Spinner
Past Event
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If you are a startup founder, investor, student, or simply someone interested in meeting members of the Copenhagen crypto community, then please join us for the best crypto networking event of 2022 in Copenhagen.

On Saturday the 14th of May, we will meet from 7 pm -12 pm in the cozy and central Matrikel1 co-working Space for an evening of networking and partying.

Kassio - The crypto for everyone platform will sponsor the event and provide all guests with free UNLIMITED BEER AND SIGNATURE HANDMADE COCKTAILS ALL NIGHT. To get the ticket, you simply need to show you have joined the waitlist for the launch of Kassio and show the email you receive at the bar when you arrive.

Stop by, share a few drinks, a few games of beer pong and meet your potential new hire/co-founder/investor or connect with like-minded people and old friends.

The event is open to everyone, so invite a friend.