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Cover Image for Crypto Builders Bootcamp #1
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Crypto Builders Bootcamp #1

This is a multi-session event. You will get access to all the following sessions.
About Event

Wintermute presents Crypto Builders Bootcamp #1

Powered by Press Start Capital, Impossible Finance, and University of Ethereum.

Crypto Builders Bootcamp is a free 4-week online course on how to build a web3 startup:

  • Get actionable advice from successful founders who have walked in your shoes

  • Connect with peers for support, vibes, and accountability each week

  • Access to private office hours, Fellowships, and more

This bootcamp is for:

  • Early-stage builders across all of crypto

  • Turning your side project or hackathon project into a startup

  • Accountability to turn your ideas into reality

Confirmed speakers:

  • Benny Giang, Cofounder @ Future Primitive

  • Evgeny Gaevoy, Founder and CEO @ Wintermute

  • JMR Luna, Former CEO @ OG Esports

  • Justin Waldron, Cofounder @ Storyverse, Playco, Zynga

  • Keone Hon, Cofounder @ Monad

  • Kevin Lin, Cofounder @ Metatheory, Twitch

  • Luca Netz, CEO @ Pudgy Penguins

  • TN, Cofounder @ Pendle

  • Tristan Frizza, Founder @ Zeta

  • Tristan Yver, Cofounder @ Backpack

  • Yoann Turpin, Cofounder @ Wintermute

  • Zach Segal, Head of Listings @ Coinbase


  1. Building a market leader: The story of Wintermute (Nov 28 EST)

  2. Fundraising Playbook (Nov 30 EST)

  3. Founder Market Fit: What is your why? (Dec 5 EST)

  4. Tactics to Finding Product Market Fit (Dec 7 EST)

  5. Product Do’s and Don’ts (Dec 12 EST)

  6. Token Best Practices (Dec 14 EST)

  7. Storytelling & Community (Dec 19 EST)

  8. Storytelling Pitch Practice (Dec 21 EST)

Online Sessions:

Session 1. Building a market leader: The story of Wintermute (Nov 28 EST)

Welcome to the first-ever Crypto Builders Bootcamp! In this session, we’ll get you acquainted with what to expect over the next 4 weeks. We’ll then jump into a fireside panel chat with heavy hitters Evgeny Gaevoy and Yoann Turpin of Wintermute. Finally, we’ll wrap up this first session with an opportunity for you to meet your fellow builders with some fun ice-breakers! #BuildtheFutureTogether

Session 2. Fundraising Playbook (Nov 30 EST)

Jumping right into the meaty topics! We’ll hear fundraising war stories & tips from Kevin Lin, former co-founder of Twitch and now CEO of Metatheory; and TN, co-founder of Pendle Finance. We’ll then follow-up with actionable exercises for you to explore alongside your peers in breakout rooms.

Building the Future together.

Wintermute: Wintermute is a leading global algorithmic trading firm in digital assets. We create liquid and efficient markets on centralized and decentralized trading platforms and off-exchange.

Press Start Capital: Press Start Capital is a Web3 pre-seed venture fund led by experienced builders with multiple exits. We pioneered web3 Fellowships which provide first checks, and mentorship from OG founders, and bridge the gap to top accelerators.

Impossible Finance: Impossible is an on-chain native, research advisory firm with a DeFi launchpad and accelerator. We help projects kickstart, fundraise, scale, and launch their tokens while enabling users to learn, discover, and invest in high-quality crypto opportunities.

University of Etherium: De University of Ethereum is a collaborative learning community focused on promoting the learning, research, discussion, and advancement of the Ethereum network.

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