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Crypto Futurism & Legal Engineering 2023 - A Próspera Builders’ Summit

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Crypto Futures & Legal Engineering 2023 - A Próspera Builders’ Summit

An event for cypherpunks, legal hackers and financial engineers that aim to build the supercomputers to eat the world of atoms

"By, say, 2025-2030, I expect that there will be multiple jurisdictions that allow the tokenization of virtually any scarce resource, all the way down to personal tokens."

(Balaji S. Srinivasan)


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Many important technological revolutions have already happened.

We could live longer, healthier lives, be 10x more wealthy, and use flying cars on-demand to get around. 

These aren’t technical challenges.

It’s old-world institutions that are holding it back.

Próspera is a startup city that radically transforms human governance to steer human progress. It does so by way of better laws, business regulations and governance services designed to foster entrepreneurship.

Próspera is based on the dreamy Caribbean island of Roatan.

​Próspera-based companies such as Seshat Bank, AmityAge Academy and the Roatan Financial Services Authority are already paving the way for a more decentralised financial system with Bitcoin and web3 at its core.

​To further this movement, you’re invited to join a group of builders challenging the status quo, and accelerate the pace of innovation in crypto-technology, digital assets and the blockchain-powered financial system.

This conference is by builders, for builders.

If you have your own startup, are investing in startups, or you are in an entrepreneurial position in your organisation, this summit is for you.

Join world-class entrepreneurs and builders from Honduras, Latin America and the rest of the world, and let’s build the future.


What to expect:

  • Speakers & Learning: This event will feature key thought leaders, introductory sessions to the Prospera legal & regulatory system as well as case studies

  • Workshops: You'll have time to work together on concrete business ideas, or learn more about new technologies

  • Pitch Competition: Your opportunity to present your startup, project or a new idea you develop during the event

  • Fun: the event is on a drop-dead gorgeous Caribbean dream island, with the opportunity to bar crawl, visit animal sanctuaries, snorkel/scuba dive & a karaoke night

Confirmed Speakers:

  • (virtual) Erik Voorhees, ShapeShift

  • Patri Friedman, Promonos Capital

  • Max Borders, Author ("The Decentralist")

  • Erick A. Brimen, Prospera CEO

  • Niklas Anzinger, Infinita VC

  • James Brodie, ID Theory

  • Nick Dranias, Prospera General Counsel

  • Kyle Smith, LexDAO

  • Adam Miller, MIDAO

To coordinate with the group & meet other attendees, please join this Telegram chat: