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About Event

Cryptİst: The Turkish Zero-Knowledge Community Summit

Cryptİst is an annual, day-long, Zero-Knowledge community event in Istanbul to learn, connect, and share amongst the Turkish ZK community. A perfect start for Devconnect!


Why Cryptİst?

The Most Anticipated Local ZK Event in the Solar System

CryptIst invites the most successful young developers of the Blockchain ecosystem to think and produce on zero-knowledge technology.

There is no better place to explore Zero-Knowledge technology with leading international developers than CryptIst. Bringing Turkey's most talented developers together with global friends, CryptIst aims to make Istanbul a zero-knowledge developer center.

Past event: Cryptİst 2022 and Moda Palas

There is a permanent ZK Community in Istanbul! Did you know that?

CryptIst 2022 hosted many international names who developed Zero-knowledge Proof technology such as Emre Tekişalp from O1 labs, Toghrul Maharramov from Scroll, Anthony Diprinzio from Aleo, Kaan Uzdoğan from Ethereum Foundation, and many more. Cryptİst is an annual summit. Istanbul's Zero-Knowledge Community is always in touch with the monthly "Moda Palas" gatherings.

Learn more about Cryptİst 2022 and Moda Palas;


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Sponsors of the Event

Aleo - Lead Sponsor

Aleo; Build full-stack, private applications with the power of ZK on layer.

Scroll - Platinum Sponsor

Scroll: Native zkEVM Layer 2 for Ethereum.

zkSync - Platinum Sponsor

zkSync Era is a Layer-2 protocol that scales Ethereum with cutting-edge ZK tech.

Paribu Ventures- Platinum Sponsor

Paribu Ventures is an Istanbul-based Web3 venture capital that focuses on to invest in zk focused blockchain solutions.

More to come...


Event Venue

Grand Pera - Emek Sahnesi | Taksim Istanbul

​Located in the Cercle d'Orient building, which was built by the famous architect Alexandre Vallaury in 1882, Grand Pera is located on Istiklal Street, the heart of Istanbul. 
Located on the most touristic and busy street of the city, the Cercle d'Orient building hosts Turkey's oldest cinema, Emek Theather.

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