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Creative Work Hour

Hosted by ✨ Alessandra White
This is a multi-session event. Please choose the sessions you would like to register for.
About Event

Creative Workroom is your space 📡,, time⏳ and rhythm 🪘 to work on what is most important.

We're talking about the kind of work that gets pushed aside for the more urgent tasks. Together we say, no more!
During this time, "urgent" 🛑 is gonna have to wait, because–

​We believe in this shared hour.
We believe we are stronger together.
We believe that Creative Work Matters.

It is in our live flow sessions that we can level up to receive an invitation to our private Discord. This is where we share and at times stretch our necks out a bit.

It is the magic combo of live sessions and a kid's clubhouse kind of "show & tell," that loving friendships form that support needed for the personal growth of creative expression.

We believe in your right to create. We support that part of you that thrives working alongside others doing the same.

​This is your time to shine. Let's do it!