Creatives Meetup at IDEO, San Francisco (glyf x Design Buddies)

Hosted by Design Buddies & 4 others
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San Francisco, California
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Come join a fun evening of meeting other creatives, founders, and investors around the SF Bay Area! Share your work, make new friends, and gain practical skills at our workshop.

5 pm: Doors open, networking

5:45 pm: Opening, group TikTok dance and photos, workshops from Glyf and local artists (also live-streamed online)

6:30 pm: Mingling, gallery walk (of Glyf x Design Buddies challenge submissions - due Mar 11)

7:30 pm: Closing reflections

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About Glyf

Glyf is a tool that transforms 2D designs into stunning 3D art in seconds. Creatives upload 2D designs via images, sketches, or SVGs to output a high quality 3D render that preserves the art direction of the creator’s original design.

You can try the tool at

Participate in our design challenge to get your work showcased at this event:

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IDEO CoLab Ventures

Bold ideas for a better tomorrow. Using a design lens, we partner with visionary founders to help them create products and protocols that people love. Currently focused on building a more open, equitable, participative, human, hyperstructural, and weird internet.

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San Francisco, California