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Creative Jumpstart

Hosted by Tom Birmingham & Erin Lee Gafill
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About Event

Here is a list of things we'll need over the course of the next three one-hour sessions:

Colors! I’ll be demonstrating with water-soluble Paints (watercolors, acrylics, Goauche, tempera, poster paints, etc.) If you don’t have water soluble paints, colored pencils, crayons, pastels or other colored media will work.

Mixing Palette or Tray (could be a paper plate!)

Plastic containers for holding water and rinsing brushes (I use a yogurt container.)

Paper towels for cleaning your brushes

A towel or drop cloth for protecting your work surface

An assortment of brushes (craft brushes are just fine)

Medium or heavy weight paper to make marks and write on, and a pen to make marks or write with

fabric scraps, in a variety of colors, thread and sewing needle

How to get the most out of this invitation?

Come with an attitude of curiosity.

This is about play, and following your intuition.

More fun, less strain.

More investigating, experimenting, and ease of making, less comparison, self-criticism, analysis paralysis.

The first two sessions, we will work with color, using traditional art mediums (see list above.)

On the third day we will be working with fabric and thread.

Each day, I’ll guide you through while demonstrating how I am approaching the prompt.

Each day, we will have a chance to ask questions, share, and support one another.

Each prompt is designed to stimulate some aspect of creative thinking, within a few useful parameters.

See you tomorrow!