Creating a Consistent Writing Habit

Jan 8 (Fri), 6:30 PM - 7:20 PM Coordinated Universal Time


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Building a regular routine around ideating, writing, editing, and publishing to Substack is one of the best ways to build credibility and an audience around your work. Just ask Lenny Rachitsky, who left his job to focus full-time on building one of the most highly acclaimed newsletters in tech.

In this workshop, Lenny will share how he built his newsletter into a financially successful business by creating systems that brought each part of the creation process into his regular routine.

Meet your host:

After selling his young start-up to Airbnb in 2012, Lenny Rachitsky spent seven years leading initiatives around growth, quality, and community for the up-and-coming home sharing company. Nowadays, Lenny spends his days advising and angel investing, while managing one of the most popular technology newsletters on Substack.

You can follow Lenny's work on his Substack: Lenny's Letter.


Note: This workshop is free/open to all writers on Substack and you will be asked to enter the URL to your Substack publication to confirm your attendance. Capacity will be limited, so we advise you to sign up ASAP if you plan on attending.

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