Cover Image for Create the Future Summit: Where tech, government, art and community come together
Cover Image for Create the Future Summit: Where tech, government, art and community come together
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Create the Future Summit: Where tech, government, art and community come together

Hosted by Ken Nim & 4 others
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Welcome to the Create the Future Summit, an immersive exploration of tomorrow's possibilities. Hosted in Berkeley, CA, on Friday, June 7th, our day-long event brings together industry leaders, tech pioneers, and communities to shape the future.

The summit features over 25 panels covering AI, Quantum Computing, Web3, and more. From AI’s impact on workplaces to the future of robotics, join us for a day of innovation and inspiration. Join us for a groundbreaking one-day conference where innovation meets opportunity!

Speakers include (partial list):

  • ​Jeep Kline, UC Berkeley

  • Eugène Aouélé Aka, Dr. President of the Economic, Social, Environmental and Cultural Council of Cote d'Ivoire

  • Zaheer A Ali, Position AI

  • Christine Allan de Lavenne, SIDE Law Office/Independent Consultant and Speaker

  • Oliver Aouaw, Director of Digital Transition and Digitalization

  • Ben Bartlett, Tackett Bartlett

  • Anitha Beberg, Seva Exchange Corp

  • Mariane Bekker, Founders Bay

  • Mag Boron, Pangian

  • James Cape, Intel Alumni Network/The Fusion Syndicate

  • Sophie Choe, qAIntum

  • Priscilla Christie, Discovering You, LLC

  • Alex Dantas, Circuit Launch

  • Moussa Dao, Babipay

  • Ed DeSanto, Personal Magic

  • Andres Diana, Accrete

  • Deka Dike, Omotachi

  • Tord Doennum, Fundingstack

  • Mica Eades Mayo

  • Joe Fraser, JSP Capital Partners

  • Niki Gastinel, Bay Angels, Apple

  • Ken Goldberg, Dr, UC Berkeley

  • Audrea J. Golding, Fragomen Worldwide

  • Harold Graham, Ignite IR

  • Tina Greenbaum, Mastery Under Pressure, LLC

  • Dave Hersh, Metamorph Partners

  • Steve Hoffman, Founders Space

  • Michael J. Hopkins, Sheppard Mullin

  • Chris Horton, U.S. Small Business Administration

  • Christopher Hussain, RealKey

  • Daniel Idzkowski, Sidepocket Financial, SKUNKLOCK, American Pillar Partners IR, LvlUp Ventures

  • Attica Alexis Jaques

  • Aman Johar, The NFT Brewery

  • Lena Jung, Vitalup Solutions

  • Andra Keay, SV Robotics

  • Martin Kirkwood, Reezi / Estate Legend Inc.

  • Axel Kloth, Abacus Semiconductor Corporation

  • Chip Krauskopf

  • Christopher Lafayette, GatherVerse

  • Emily Landon,

  • Simon Lancaster, Omni Venture Labs

  • James Leventhal, San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art

  • Mitchell Levy, Credibility Nation

  • Stanley Li, Netswitch Inc.

  • Tonya J. Long, Quantum Crow Advisory

  • Piyush Malik, Veridic Solutions

  • Steve Maggi, SMA US Immigration and Consular Law Firm

  • Felicia Mayo

  • Phil Montgomery, Silent Push

  • Vincent Monteparte, Global Capital Markets

  • Josh Neland, Swift Sense.AI

  • Preetish Nijhawan, Cervin Ventures

  • Naoko Okumoto, Niremia Collective

  • Patti Pan, RevArt

  • George Parrish, Bay Angels

  • Yasamin Parsafar, Sheppard Mullin Richter & Hampton LLP

  • Agnieszka Pilat, Artist

  • Raj Prasad, WDFA Digital

  • Ravi Puvvala, Center for Automotive Research

  • Fred Qui, Sheppard, Mullin, Richter & Hampton LLP

  • Matt Rappaport, Future Frontier Capital

  • Julius Ritter, BASIS Health & Extraordinary Club

  • William Roberts, Kilonova Capital

  • Alex Ruiz, La Familia Foundation

  • Mark Sabb, Asian Art Museum

  • Sidharth Saxena, Docyt AI

  • Bruce Schechter, The Schechter Company, LLC

  • Wendy Shew, Building Education

  • Zamir Shukho, Vibranium Venture Capital

  • Monette Stephens, SF Growth Capital

  • Eric Sundheim, Mercovus Valuations

  • Scott Summit, Ethereal Matter

  • Lana Suvorova, ESGentle

  • Ashley Tarver, Microsoft/ACG Silicon Valley

  • Tim Tran, The Ivy Group Commercial & Investment Real Estate

  • Benjamin Tu, Cascaid

  • Koki Uchiyama, HottoLink Inc.

  • Shoba Viswanath, Laidlaw & Company

  • Joe Gerber, IDEO CoLabs Ventures

  • Aiphi Wang, Morfais

  • Murat Wahab, Hakim Saya: Your Global Funding Partner

  • Sigil Wen, Airchat

  • Lee Wilson, Radiant Space Systems, Inc.

  • Alex Yastremski, Cole-Frieman & Mallon LLP

  • Rabie Zahri, Position AI

  • Pankaj Kedia, 2468 Ventures

  • Alice Zhang, Xu Family Office

  • Paul Kang, Project For Death And The City

Panels include:

  • Entrepreneurism: Building a Brand, Building Social Proof 

  • How to Find & Pitch Startup Investors; Startup Exits: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

  • Earth & Sky: How Space Tech and Climate Tech are Converging for a Sustainable Future

  • The Extraordinary Club: Foreign Nationals Shaping the U.S.' Tech Future 

  • Funding for Later Stage Companies

  • AI Governance: AI Roadmaps and Adoption

  • From Seed to Scale: Building a Thriving Startup in a Changing World

  • Resources for Early Stage Companies

  • The Intersection of AI: How It’s Disrupting Your World

  • AI Solutions: Practical ways to create AI-driven solutions to solve the workforce productivity dilemmas

  • AI For Humanity: Transforming Lives Through Education, Healthcare, Entertainment, and Beyond

  • The Intersection of Art and Innovation

  • Investing in Change: Women Investors Building Diverse & Thriving Startups

  • Recruiting and Retaining Top Tech Talent

  • Legal Implications of Crypto and AI: Framework Discussion and Recommendations

  • AI, Elections, and Deepfakes

  • Quantum Computing & AI: How Quantum Computing Will Impact the AI Revolution

  • AI Impacts and Disruptions: How It's Disrupting Traditional Business Models

  • The Future of Robotics

  • Government and AI

  • From Semiconductors to GenAI: The Creation and Evolution of Silicon Valley

  • How AI is Reshaping Investment Banking, VCs and Startups

  • The Intersection of Web3 and Business and getting early adopters

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