Create the Future Summit: Where tech, government, art and community come together

Hosted by Ken Nim & 6 others
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Step into the future with us at the inaugural CREATE THE FUTURE SUMMIT taking place at the one-of-a-kind Ciel Creative Space in Berkeley, California!

At this groundbreaking event, experts and trailblazers from AI, Blockchain, Gaming, and Quantum Computing will converge with influential thinkers and decision-makers across diverse industries. We'll dive deep into these cutting-edge technologies, forge new connections, and explore how we can collaborate, innovate, and collectively shape tomorrow.

This will be a fully immersive experience where attendees will get to engage with exhibits, the event space, and hundreds of other participants.

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Doors open at 8:30 AM

Panels include:

  • AI Solutions Practical ways to create AI-driven solutions to solve the workforce productivity dilemmas

  • The Intersection of AI Product, Science, Engineering, Design and Art

  • Resources for Early Stage Companies

  • Building a Startup for the Future What it Will Take to Grow

  • Entrepreneurism Building a Brand that Lasts

  • How to Find & Pitch Startup Investors Startup Exits: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

  • US Immigration Visas for Founders, Investors, Entrepreneurs and Tech Superstars

  • The Early Days of a Company What to Know

  • The Space Industry On-going Transformation and Revolution that Lies Ahead

  • Quantum Computing & AI How Quantum Computing will impact the AI Revolution

  • The Past, Present, Future of Silicon Valley

  • Climate Tech Impacts of Future Cities

  • The AI Investing Landscape

  • The Future of Robotics Fireside Chat

  • AI, Elections, and Deepfakes

  • Exploring the Frontiers of Generative AI The adoption, the pitfalls and the opportunity

  • AI and the Future of Human Work What Lies Ahead?

  • The Future of Art and Design

  • Legal Implications of Crypto and AI

  • Recruiting and Retaining Top Tech Talent

  • Funding Beyond Startups Property, Family Offices, Later Stage Companies

  • AI for Social Good Harnessing the Power of Technology and Impacts on Education and Entertainment

  • AI Governance  AI Roadmaps and Adoption

Speakers include (partial list):

  • Rich Lyons, UC Berkeley

  • Jeep Kline, UC Berkeley/MrPink VC/Final Aim, Inc.

  • Andra Keay, SV Robotics

  • Ashley Tarver, Microsoft/ACG Silicon Valley

  • Zamir Shukho, Vibranium Venture Capital

  • Aman Johar, The NFT Brewery

  • Raj Prasad, WDFA Digital

  • Ravi Puvvala, Center for Automotive Research

  • Alex Dantas, Circuit Launch

  • Mitchell Levy, Credibility Nation

  • Imran Bashir, Equal1 Labs Inc.

  • Scott Summit, Ethereal Matter

  • Marianne Bekker, Founders Bay

  • Audrea J. Golding, Fragomen Worldwide

  • Sam Wong, Fundable Startups

  • Alex Ruiz, La Familia Foundation

  • Tonya J. Long, Quantum Crow Advisory

  • Sara Zare, VC 3.0

  • Aiphi Wang, Morfais

  • Paul Joseph Junhwan Kang, Project For Death And The City

  • Stanley Li, Netswitch Inc.

  • Eric Sundheim, Mercovus Valuations

  • Christopher Lafayette, GatherVerse

  • Benjamin Tu, Cascaid

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935 Carleton St
Berkeley, CA 94710, USA