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Content Is The New Resume

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The content you put out online can serve as a better resume than the one you currently have.

If you create content that people you want to work with find valuable, it will not only get you your current job, but it will actually help you in finding future ones.

In fact, social media presence is one of the most underrated hiring techniques founders use today to approach smart people to collaborate with.

Content you put out publicly shows

  • Your communication and writing skill

  • Your sales and persuasion skill

  • Your thinking ability

  • Your domain knowledge and expertise

  • Your emotional intelligence, soft skills, and ability to engage with people via conversations

If you build an audience online, it helps you

  • Win the attention of founders and recruiters of high growth startups

  • Build your network and use it as an asset

  • Get access to rare opportunities that don’t listed on career pages and LinkedIn

  • Get a better paycheck due to the revenue you bring to the company through your personal brand

And it helps your company

  • Leverage you as a distribution/marketing channel

  • Leverage your personal brand to accentuate its own brand

  • Value you more than other candidates who don’t have the reach and audience you have

In this masterclass, you will learn

  • How to pick the right channels to build your personal brand

  • How to create content for each channel that helps you pitch yourself as an authority in your domain

  • How to target the right people in the ecosystem and engage with them

  • How to leverage your social media influence to get jobs and gigs

Public writing is an asset that can bestow you with compounding returns over time. Once published, it stays for years and acts as proof of work for your skills.

Sign up for the masterclass and learn how to build this lucrative asset to accelerate your career.

The masterclass goes live on Friday, 27th August 2021 at 7PM IST. We'll see you there!