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"Remixing Community for a Citizen Groove" invites you to a day of discussion on evolving our local coworking spaces into vibrant hubs of connection driven by your participation and ideas.

Tuesday, April 16th, at Peckham Levels, is not just another day. 

Today, we are working on a new COWORK PLUS project, which involves bringing active, existing conversations and projects together to help them connect and progress.

Hence, our title: "Remixing Community for a Citizen Groove!"

We aim to change how we approach coworking spaces and community engagement in our rapidly evolving world. We will collaborate to make this project groundbreaking.

The Open Source Cowork Plus Framework Guide contains ideas and stories to ignite conversations before, during, and after this event.

Why this event now?

We are running this event amidst global shifts like the pandemic's acceleration of remote work, wars and economic uncertainty.

There has been a 44% surge in remote work, with nearly 5 million thriving in coworking spaces. 

With elections in 50 countries and 2 billion people going to the polls in 2024, it's clear that our connections and local actions have never been more crucial.

We can't change the world, but we can find connection points in our neighbourhoods and local economies that connect and encourage positive momentum. 

Why "Remixing Community for a Citizen Groove" is Unmissable:

  • Accessible: Fully accessible and inviting, Peckham Levels ensures everyone can join this pivotal conversation. Need more info? Contact us directly here.

  • Community at the Heart: Dive into a day driven by collaboration, where coworking pioneers, newbies and community advocates share visions for a united future.

  • Engage and Influence: From open "Ask Me Anything" sessions with the Author of "Citizen's" Jon Alexander to impactful small group discussions, your insights and questions fuel our collective journey.

  • Learn and Lead: The COWORK PLUS framework introduces innovative strategies for transforming coworking spaces into community and economic empowerment epicentres.

  • Deep Connections: Build meaningful relationships through conversations beyond the surface, setting the stage for real-world impact and growth beyond today.

The Difference You Make:

This event transcends networking, offering a platform for your voice to join a chorus calling for active, thoughtful and inclusive coworking futures. 

It's about making the most of our spaces to improve our work lives and create connection, meaning and change.

Your Day, Your Impact:

  • Morning Welcome: A breakfast for nourishment and igniting connections that could change the course of your work and community engagements.

  • Purposeful Conversations: Engage in dialogues that challenge, inspire, and call for action, led by those at the forefront of reimagining coworking.

  • Afternoon of Action: What's close to your heart? Lead or join sessions that matter to you, from community building to pioneering sustainability in coworking.

Don't Let This Moment Pass:

In a world clamouring for connection and positive change, missing COWORK PLUS means overlooking a rare opportunity to be part of a movement poised to shape the future of coworking and community life. 

Change begins today—fixing everything depends on our joint efforts, values, and strong communities. Community is the key!! 🔑

It's not just about the discussions you'll miss or the ideas that pass you by; it's the transformative connections, the shared ambitions, and the collective action that could spark a new chapter for your community and beyond. 

Be There: Shape Tomorrow

Talking today about COWORK PLUS isn't just an event; it's a turning point.

By joining today, you will bring active, existing conversations and projects together, helping them connect and progress.

The London Coworking Assembly has run over one hundred events and workshops since 2015, and COWORK PLUS is the start of how the generation of collaboration will be.

Your presence is a step towards a shared vision of progress and connection, whether for a moment or the entire journey.

Secure your spot now from £12 and create a community ready to redefine the essence of coworking and collective impact.

Full Agenda for the day

The ticket is entry into the event - there is one price for entry. 

You can come and go or stay for as much as you works for you. 

Tickets work on pay what you can, with a minimum of £12. 

If money hinders participation, don't hesitate to contact Laura, Stephen, Kofi, or Bernie. We'll sort something out and get you in! 

09:30 - 10:00 Arrival, welcome and breakfast

10:00 - 11:00 Act One - On the stage

Our friend Joyce Ogunade, Head of the Affordable Workspace Programme for the London Borough of Islington, will lead you all in an "Ask Me Anything" with the Author of "Citizen's" Jon Alexander to set the stage for the day. 

11:00 - 12:30 pm Act Two - "In the Pit"

Here, you'll break into small groups led by a guide from our community. 

We've deliberately mixed learning styles to encourage interaction, connection, deep conversations, and reciprocal learning between attendees.

Your group guide will bring topics, prompts and questions to help you connect and share ideas.

12:30 Feedback and What are we learning?

For this section, we'll give feedback and share what we discovered in our groups. 

We'll discuss how to move forward and connect with people who can help us. 

13:00 - 13:55 Lunch!

It happens in the same room and is a great chance to connect. 

There is also an outside rooftop area for fresh Peckham air! 

14:00 The Co-Creation Camp

At the heart of today's journey is "The Co-Creation Camp," your opportunity to merge minds and talents for the morning.

We invite you to post your ideas and challenges on our collaboration board throughout the day. 

Whether you're nurturing a concept or facing a hurdle, this is where you can seek your peers' collective wisdom and creativity.

As the camp begins, browse the board, team up, or find folks tackling questions you're passionate about. 

To be clear, this is a moment for open collaboration, not commerce. It is a chance to brainstorm, strategize, and dream up solutions together without pitches or sales.

Please bring your ideas and challenges, and let's co-create solutions that push us all forward.

15:45 Wrap up and closing ceremony

There are plenty of areas to hang around, chat and connect in Peckham Levels afterwards.

We are building better things for our coworking communities and beyond, and fixing everything depends on our joint efforts, values, and strong communities. Community is the key!! 🔑

Link in the show notes:

  1. Cowork Plus downloadable framework

  2. European Coworking Day - May 22nd

  3. Jon Alexander and Tony Bacigalupo - Coworking Values Podcast

  4. Citizens: Why the Key to Fixing Everything is All of Us

  5. What if there were no freelancers? By Town Square 

Co-creators for this event and Cowork Plus

Secure Your Spot at COWORK PLUS

Tickets start at £12

But consider paying the suggested £20 if you can.

(BTW - You can choose from £12 to £120,000!)

Doing this will help us cover the costs and make the event accessible to everyone. 

  • The ticket is entry into the event - there is one price for entry. 

  • You can come and go or stay for as much as you works for you. 

  • Tickets work on pay what you can, with a minimum of £12. 

  • Your contribution supports our mission to bring diverse voices together to shape the future of coworking and community.

Please get in touch with Laura, Stephen, Kofi, or Bernie if money hinders your participation. We'll sort something out and get you in! 

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95a Rye Ln, London SE15 4ST, UK
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