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Create a Newsletter Your Members Will Love

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Do this sound familiar?

You have no idea what to include in your coworking newsletter.
Your newsletter goes out once every blue moon.
You dread putting your newsletter together.
It takes you forever to create a newsletter.
Your newsletter is boring.

I get it.

And so does every other coworking space operator in the world.

The bad news is that your newsletter is important and you have to get it right. It is your most valuable piece of marketing real estate.

The good news is that you’re making your newsletter creation too hard. You can easily fix your newsletter and your newsletter creation process.

I’ll show you how.

On September 20 I’m teaching one of my most popular workshops, Create a Newsletter Your Members Will Love.

I only teach this one once a year, and this time it's free.

So if you need actionable strategies, tips and guidance, join us for this hour-long workshop.

You’ll leave with a new perspective and simple, clear next steps to create a great newsletter for your coworking space and community.

Save your spot today.