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Being a courageous sustainability leader | Roundtable

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Leading on sustainability takes courage

If it was easy, the world would be a very different, much better, place for us and for the rest of nature.

It takes courage to go against the flow. It takes courage to say things others don't want to hear. It takes courage to innovate and do things differently.

Sustainability directors, managers and pioneers need courage to make genuine progress on sustainability in their organisations and sectors.

That's why courage is identified by the Inner Development Goals as one the key skills needed to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

What's your experience of being courageous?

When have you had to stand up for values or make difficult decisions? How did you take decisive action?

Have you had to challenge and disrupt existing structures and views?

Who or what helped you succeed? What did you learn on those times when you failed? (We all do.)

Share your experiences, learn from your peers

Join the roundtable to share your experiences and discover how your peers are dealing with similar challenges in their particular situations.

Together, explore new insights and approaches to navigate the tensions between what you know is needed for genuine progress on sustainability and the expectations of your job, your colleagues, your stakeholders.

Expect something different

This event isn't like most online events. It's a rare opportunity to discuss issues that matter with your peers, to learn and to share.

We briefly frame the event and then create spaces for rich conversations with your peers in small groups and in plenary.

No pitches.

The plenary sessions are recorded and become part of future episodes of the Leadership for Sustainability podcast.

Who Should Attend?

​This event is for sustainability leaders and pioneers who want to make greater progress on sustainability in their organisation, including:

  • ​Sustainability directors and managers.

  • Directors and managers in other functions engaging with sustainability.

  • ​Senior leaders committed to improving their organisations’ sustainability performance.

Who are we?

We're your hosts, Osbert Lancaster and Morag Watson, co-founders of Realise Earth, specialists in the people side of sustainability.

We each have over twenty years experience of helping leaders and organisations develop and implement sustainability strategies and plans that generate real progress.

With our events programme we're on a mission to help sustainability leaders make greater progress by bringing you the most interesting, useful and enjoyable events.

We look forward to welcoming you!

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