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Get the Courage Muscle Template

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​Mantra: Fear equals opportunity

​The courage muscle is the most important muscle you have.

​Here's why πŸ‘‡

  • ​You're a human creature, so life demands courage. Growing your courage muscle makes sure it's strong for when life calls for it - when planned, and more so when life gives you a heavy dose.


  • ​When you're looking to shift or change something about yourself - double down on your fears.

  • ​The stronger your courage muscle the larger challenges you will not only conquer but seek out.


  1. ​Identify your fear

  2. ​Choose to intentionally lean in vs. runaway

  3. ​Record it

​By actively growing your courage muscle you will gain:

  • ​A new understanding of how your fears are actual opportunities

  • ​A visual metric showing how you're stronger than you think

  • ​Greater confidence to tackle any challenge showing up

  • ​A new desire and ability to face your fears

  • ​Greater clarity in defining and finding a practical path towards getting what you really want

​About the Presenter

​Dan Greenwald lives in NYC with his wife Babette and their 3 children. Dan has been an educator, entrepreneur, and connector for over 20 years. His most recent project is ThirtyTenZero. Dan works with companies and people challenging the traditional modes of how we learn, strategize, and hit our targets. The concept for the courage muscle was born from growing up with a stutter.