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Costa Rica - Coworking Expedition & 30u30 Retreat (INTEREST FORM)

Hosted by GENESIS
Past Event
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Change the world, and see it too.

3 weeks of adventure, wellness programming, co-working, events hosted with local organizations, and unparalleled opportunities to bond with the nation's best-and-brightest young entrepreneurs.

Ditch the office. Escape the winter. Join us on the breathtaking beaches of the Caribbean and the deep jungles of Costa Rica for this life-changing experience to build friendships (and memories) that last forever.

We're still working out logistics. The price per person will come to about $500-1000 per person (not including travel that's on you) for about 4 weeks, but you're welcome to stay for a shorter amount of time.

This is an invite-only experience. Feel free to show interest below and we'll communicate options of how you can get involved directly.

DETAILS ARE BEING WORKED OUT. This is just a starting point to show interest in joining. Event dates are also tentative, but the bulk of the experience will be during February of 2024.

WHAT IS GENESIS? GENESIS is a social community for young entrepreneurs across the US. Our irl-only events build new types of friendships, outside of normal networking, between entrepreneurs who will grow to disrupt the world.

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