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ConversatiON with Aviv Bergman, Co-Founder & CEO at Gluework, and a serial operations leader

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**This event is completely free. However, if you wish to support Operations Nation, you can name your own price. We're building a community-powered knowledge sharing platform for current and future operations leaders, and are currently raising funds to be able to focus on this project full-time.**

Over the last couple of years, operations roles have been on the rise. Actually wait...that's an understatement. The demand for operations professionals has been crazy and through the roof. We're definitely not complaining...but we want to understand the reasons why.

Is it that companies suddenly realised that, in our increasingly competitive world, innovative ideas coupled with subpar execution is not enough and operational excellence is everything? Or is it something else? 🤔

In the months to come, we'll dig deeper into what the future holds for operations, not forgetting to look back and where we're at right now.

We'll discuss:

  • How operations evolved over the last decade.

  • How the perception around it changed, which aspects of it are timeless, and which ones should be discarded.

  • What still needs to be improved and the tradeoffs.

  • What's the trajectory for the operations field in the next decade.

  • How can we, as a community of current and future operations leaders, build a brighter future for ourselves?

Our guest: Aviv Bergman

We'd like to invite you to join our conversatiON with Aviv Bergman, a serial operations leader who recently founded his own company Gluework. His LinkedIn tagline reads "Building the future of operations" so there are definitely some synergies here already! 😉

Aviv started his career as a Business Analyst in a global consulting firm Frost & Sullivan, working with early-stage startups. Shortly after, he joined Tailor Brands in its very early days and became VP Operations, responsible for the corporate development and leading the Finance, HR and Customer Service departments.

Afterwards, Aviv shifted to Business Operations and RevOps, and served as a Director of Business Operations at Diagnostic Robotics and Oosto, fast-growing startups in Israel. After eight years in operational roles in tech startups, he realised that the operations folks are much more than the organisational firefighters that are responsible for solving problems. They are the glue that ties the organisation together and, in fact, play significant roles in the company's ability to scale successfully.

That's the reason behind Gluework - the process monitoring tool built for operations people in modern organisations. The company was founded less than 6 months ago and already raised a pre-seed round, partnering with leading ops-driven startups as early customers in their mission to help companies grow with less growing pains. And in doing that, make the operations professionals shine!


We can't wait to hear Aviv's take on the past, present and future of operations and hope that you will join us!