How to go from Consumer To Creator with Alex Llull



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โ€‹Do you feel stuck as a creator?

โ€‹Stuck in the cycle of constant consumption, not being able to build a sustainable system to create content?

โ€‹In 2022, every company is a media company, and ever founder is a content creator.

โ€‹99% of the people on the internet consume content.

โ€‹Only 1% create it.

โ€‹If you want to join the 1% then this is for you.

โ€‹Alex Llull is a master creator, consultant and writer based out of Spain.

โ€‹He's the founder of The Steal Club Newsletter, co-founder of the "Winging It" Podcast, and also the maker of products such as "Hooks that Hook" and "From Consumer to Creator"

โ€‹He got fired from his job during the pandemic, but within one year he was able to build a profitable business as a freelancer and consultant.

โ€‹All because of his creator habits.

โ€‹If you're looking make a living off your creations, then join us for an hour long discussion about going from consumer to creator.

โ€‹And doing it all on Twitter.

โ€‹In public!




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