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Designers, Founders, & Creators Meetup @ Config

Hosted by Design Buddies & 4 others
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San Francisco, California
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​Join us for a fun social hangout after Day 2 of Config just outside of the convention center after the last talk. This is also open to anyone not attending Config

  • ​Make friends with other designers, founders, and content creators.

  • ​Find potential jobs, collaborators, and hire designers

  • ​Share what you're working on and what you learned from the conference.

​We will be at Yerba Buena Gardens next to the waterfall. We are taking a group photo at 4:40 pm.

β€‹πŸ§‹ Free boba milk tea (lactose free version) for first 200 people who show up

​Connect with each other before and after the event! Add your info to our networking sheet.

​Tag us in IG stories and twitter to be re-shared during the meetup

​​Banner illustration by Grace Ling

​Please find our hosts, Resham and Grace, with these backpacks:

β€‹βœ¨ Hosts

​Grace Ling is a designer, founder, illustrator, content creator, and runner. She is a UX designer at Electronic Arts building products for content creators and events. Grace also founded Design Buddies, helping designers land jobs, improve their skills, and make friends. Grace also draws and creates content about design, art, career, and lifestyle!

​​​Connect with Grace: LinkedIn | Instagram (self) | Instagram (art) | Twitter | TikTok | YouTube

​Resham Khanna is a product designer at Meta creating new data-driven experiences for Facebook and Instagram. Previously, she has designed at places like Electronic Arts, EY, and Oculus Start as well as led an Accessible Design community for Friends of Figma. She is also a foodie, trained opera singer, and dancer (in training).

​Say hi: LinkedIn | Twitter | Instagram

​Amy Lima is a first-generation American, competitive powerlifter, and designer. Currently, she's product designer at Amp, a live radio app by Amazon Music. Previously, she worked as Pinterest's first-ever Product Design Apprentice. Amy is also the Founder of Diversify Design, supporting designers from underrepresented backgrounds through events, career support, and networking.

Connect with Amy: Twitter | LinkedIn (self) | LinkedIn (Diversify Design)

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​Diversify Design is a community supporting designers from historically underrepresented backgrounds. We aim to provide a safe and transparent space for underrepresented folx in the design industry connect, learn, and grow β€” together.

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